To give an accurate quote/price, please submit a quote form by clicking on the “Quote Form” link at the top of this page.

Please note that all prices listed are a base price, meaning this is the cost of only the labor. Material costs depend on what you are commissioning, and how many colors of fur and fabric are needed. These prices also do not include VAT and shipping totals. All prices are in EUR (Euros)




Digitigrade fullsuits

Starting at €2400

This style of costume is built with removable pillows that change the shape of the costume to give the effect of digitigrade legs. Price will increase with complexity of design. A duct tape dummy is required for this style of costume.


Plantigrade fullsuits

Starting at €2100

Plantigrade costumes are ‘straight-legged’ with no visible padding. Price will increase with complexity of design. A duct tape dummy is required for this style of costume.



Starting at €1400

This style of costume is intended to be worn with clothing. Costume includes head, 4-fingered hands, feet and tail. Arm or leg sleeves are not included and must be requested if needed. Price will increase with complexity of design.


Heads only

Starting at €900


  • Foam base on balachava
  • Static jaw
  • Follow me eyes
  • Fleece nose and tongue
  • Clay or fleece teeth

Price will increase with complexity of design.


Other parts

Hand paws only from – €150
Feet paws only from – €250 
Bodysuit only from – €750 (A duct tape dummy is required for this style of costume)
Arm sleeves only from – €85
Leg sleeves only from – €100 
Legs only from – €400 (A duct tape dummy is required for this style of costume)
Tail only from – €70 (50 cm)
Small wings only from – €130

Price will increase with complexity of design.

Artistic Liberty discount (10%)

An Artistic Liberty discount is a discount given to commissioners who wish to have a bit of a surprise with their finished fursuit. You may specify a keyword but you can’t be too specific, so be sure to ask whether your idea will be eligible for a discount. It’s always a surprise, and the more fun an artist has with your suit the better it’ll turn out in the end. It’s a great way to get an awesome suit at a cheaper price.

Things you could send me are:

“I want a canine. the rest is up to you!”

“I’d like something with natural colors.”

“I’d like something like a dragon/fantasy animal”


Something that would not qualify:

“I want a brown dog with white markings over the mouth and forehead. I also want a white tipped tail, pink paw pads, brown eyes, and finished paw bottom feet”


  • Absolutely NO reference pictures should be provided in your application.
  • This discount is only available if the commission includes a head, at least.


Kigurumi (Closed)

Starting at €300
Custom kigurumi made from soft fleece fabric. 30% of the payment is a non-refundable deposit, it secures your spot in the line and goes straight into my spending funds for materials. Base price includes: 1-2 body tones, custom fursona or animal design.

Additional features: (On top of the base price, the following features may apply)
– Extra tone: +€27 (For each extra body tone on top of the 2 included body tones)
– Complicated design: +€20-€110+ (Characters that takes extra effort for their features. Examples: Embroidered (applique) patterns, mohawks, tufts, horns, pierced ears, pockets etc.)
– Wings: +€40-€110+ (Character with small to medium wings (anything big will be made smaller to bare the weight)
– Faux Fur: €55+ (Fur to be used to resemble a specific furry design, price varies (only if requested by customer)
note: Importing faux fur is very expensive. Because of this I preferable work with fleece only to keep the price low. If its mandatory to resemble your design best, all extra charges goes to the customer.

Include these measurements when you message me (in centimeters or inches:
Knee to floor
Shoulder to wrist

And of cause your idea (almost anything is possible)


Starting at €54

These ears are sewn, airbrushed and attached to a thin metal headband (normal size ears) or thick plastic headband (bigger ears) which fits standard headsizes (child to adult). Price will increase with complexity of design.


Hats (Closed)

Starting at €18

Made from very soft polar fleece. Measure approximately 23 inches around and can be stretched to 26 inches. I only sell premades of these, they can be found on my Etsy shop.