These suits are already made and ready to ship.



Dutch Angel Dragon

Start bid is 1500 USD
Bid here: 

Dutch Angel Dragon 3/4 fursuit. 


The head and hand paws have only been worn for pictures. The rest have been worn for a local convention. 


Comes with: 

– Head 
– Handpaws 
– Wings 
– Tail 
– Legs 
– Arm sleeves 
– Tail sleeve 
– Badge (if your have a name for it 🙂 ) 

The head: 
– Foam base on balaclava 
– Fit nicely with a 22-24inch head circumference 
– Vinyl horns. 
– Resin teeth and spike 
– Fleece tongue 
– Great vision 
– Good ventilation 

The legs, tail, arm sleeves and wings are from my old 3/4 Rex suit. The tail has a foam core (I experimented with different types of tails back then) and is permantly attached to the digi legs. 

It fits someone who is about 165 cm tall and measure about 110 cm around the hips

Note: There is no feet paws for this suit (the ones on the pictures are my own personal feet for my Rex fullsuit). But they can be commissioned from me in your size, they will be the same color as the hand paws (no black) 

Buyer pays shipping. 

Denmark 130 DKK 
Europe 80 EUR 
International 165 USD 

I accept payment plans 





Zombie Wolf

Start bid is 1300 USD
Bid here:

He’s only been worn for a couple of hours at a local event. 

I’m selling him because of space concern back at home and I’m not planing on wearing him anymore. 

He comes with: 

Feet paws 

The head: 
– Resin base and jawset from DreamVision Creations 
– Fit nicely with a 22-24inch head circumference (smaller heads may also fit well) 
– Silicone tongue from DreamVision Creations 

The paws have resin claws. The suit is made with only one fur color, the rest is airbrushed, the wounds are made from latex and acrylic paint. 

The feet are a size 40 (EU sizes) 


Buyer pays shipping. 

Denmark 110 DKK 
Europe 68 EUR 
International 130 USD 

I accept payment plans