Terms of Service

I reserve the right to modify terms, conditions, and notices

You are responsible for regulary reviewing these terms and conditions. By using, accessing, or browsing through this site, or placing a commission, you indicate that you agree to be bound by these terms.
Quotes do not hold or bind you in a commission slot agreement. They are just a price estimate on options and character design. You must have proper clear 2- 3 view concept artwork provided to get a more accurate quote, with all details listed.
Quotes are valid for 3 months after the day they are given. If your deposit(30%) is not recieved by then(Bear in mind this does not have to be a single payment of 30%, as long as the total amount accrued is 30%, the actual number of payments doesn’t matter), you will need to contact me again to inquire if your quote will be a different amount than was initially quoted. Once your deposit is recieved, your price is ‘locked in’ and cannot be changed.
All customers must be at least 18 years of age before sending any payments. If under 18, a parent or guardian must contact us before I can accept a commission.
I will ask for ID when you commission.
Duct tape dummies are required for full suit commissions. Please use painters coverals and STRONG duct tape. Make sure to tape all the way down to your ankles, wrists, and neck. A good bodysuit will only be as good as its dummy. Also, if you plan or think you’re going to lose / gain any weight before your commission please wait to make your DTD until it is needed. It is important that the duct tape dummy is an accurate representation of your body, so when you get your suit it fits.
Design Changes:
Design changes can be made up until work is actually started on the suit and supplies are ordered. If supplies are ordered and work is already started; I can NOT guarantee all changes can be made. Please be sure you are absolutely satisfied with your design before work begins. If design changes are made it may change the price of your original quote and increase it since you were quoted for something different before.
I requires a 30% non-refundable down payment, it secures your spot in the line and goes straight into my spending funds for materials. I accept PayPal (and bank transfers for Danish customers).
Payment plans are accepted but I will not begin the suit before I have the down payment and I will not ship off the suit before it has been paid in full.
If you choose to cancel your commission after work has begun on either head or bodysuit an additional 20% of the purchase price will be kept for a total of 50%.
I am flexible about payments as long as the item is fully paid within 12 months, you can pay in full up front, you can pay €100 or more at a time a bunch of times, or give me the deposit and then all of the rest at the last second (*though I am not a fan of that last one).
Note: Smaller projects such as tails, hands, arms, legs and feet require full payment up front.
Completion dates can not be predicted exactly, however I will try to provide you with a rough estimate of when your suit may be completed by. I currently do not guarentee suits for con deadlines, I don’t want to rush my work and provide you with less than the best quality I can offer.
Shipping costs are not included in the price of any costume, they will be an additional charge. Shipping costs may vary and one should expect to pay an additional fee for insurance. Please keep in mind, I have the right to select shipping methods and carriers. I’m NOT responsible for any lost or damage received product.
I’m not responsible for any duty or tax fees that might apply when the suit arrives at your country. The suit will not be shipped before it has been paid off fully and shipping is covered. If your package has been damaged during transport it is the customers responsibility to check the item(s) itself for any damage that might have been applied to the item as soon as they receive it. If the item itself has suffered any damage from rough handling by the Currier we will repair the item (free repair service) but the complaint about the state of the package should be directed to the Currier/Postal service and not me. I have no control over how things are treated once they leave my hands
Addresses must be set up properly
(Real Name)
(Street Address)
(City)(State/Province),(Zip Code)
I offer free repair service on all our products, Popped seams, tears, and so forth caused by normal wear and tear I will fix for free the first 60 days.
If there are obvious signs of neglect I will charge whatever I have to for repairs. If the piece cannot be repaired due to neglect I will send it back at your expense.
If I receive a suit for repair with any modifications not done (or approved) by me, I reserve the right to ship it back to the customer at the customer’s expense.
I will not repair a suit that is extremely dirty, smelly or badly cared for. If you ship me a dirty suit I will hold it until you pay return shipping
The customer is responsible for the shipping both ways.
Canceling your order
As long as you have not sent in any of your deposit, you may cancel your order at any time. Once you have sent in any amount of your deposit(30%), you may still cancel but you are not entitled to a refund of any sort. If you choose to cancel your commission after work has begun on either head or bodysuit an additional 20% of the purchase price will be kept for a total of 50%. I reserve the right to cancel any order at any time. Reasons for me canceling your order may be: Harassment of any kind; Abusive language toward me, my creations, my family or any of my customers; You not making payments on the agreed schedule; You making unreasonable demands or demanding unreasonable changes to your order after your deposit is received.
I reserve the right to not accept certain kinds of commissions- namely liscenced characters, bad concept art, blacklisted individuals, etc.
If your order is canceled we reserve the right to complete and sell whatever work I have completed without modification to ensure my time is reimbursed.

My costumes come with a 60 day warranty on any mistakes done by us. After 60 days any repairs will be covered with a small cost based on what work is needed. The only repairs not covered under warranty are damages caused by abuse or normal wear and tear. Should you ever have an issue with your costume, please send us an email to discuss your repair. We are always happy to discuss and resolve any issues you may have.

Anything agreed upon by both parties in writing, including email, is a binding contract. By accepting a commission from me, you agree upon all terms of service. I store digital copies of all communication for our records, and I advise you to do the same.