Best Look-a Like – Koyocon 2019

“Most extraordinary effort” – Skurke Og Helte Fest 2019

Best Look-a Like – Genki Craftsmanship 2019

Best Look-a Like – Koyocon 2018

Best Look-a Like – Koyocon 2017

I competed with my Mewtwo cosplay at Koyocon Craftsmanship and won Best Look-a Like 🙂


Best Prop/ Judges Favorite – Genki Craftsmanship 2017

I competed with my Stormfly cosplay at Genki Crafsmanship and won Best Prop/Judges Favorite  🙂


Honorable Mention -Hydracon Cosplay Showcase 2017

I competed with my Noivern cosplay at Hydracon Cosplay Showcase and won an “Honorable Mention” aka judges favorite  🙂


Best Look-a Like – International Game Day 2016

Small cosplay competition at Viborg Library (Denmark) as part of “International Game Day 2016”. I competed with my Noivern cosplay.


Pokemon GO cosplay act – Koyocon 2016

Our Pokemong GO cosplay act, for the cosplay show at Koyocon 2016
We won these prizes:

– Best Act
– Best Laugh
– Crowd’s Favorite

A big thanks to our amazing team, especially Captain Taya Cosplay who can up with the idea :3

Blanche – Captain Taya Cosplay
Spark – Burning Aiji Cosplay
Candela – Caspian Cosplay

Gyarados – XenoKrelian Cosplay
Arcanine – Jessie’s Cosplay Corner
Mewtwo – Mugiwara Cosplay


Best Craft – SVScon 2015

I competed with my Twitch cosplay at SVScon Cosplay Showcase and won Best Craft 🙂