Do you make your own costumes?
I do. Sometimes it’s easier to purchase a costume or base it off existing pieces, but I strive to create my own costumes. All costumes in my portfolio were sewn and created by me unless otherwise stated.
Is ______ costume for sale?
I rarely sell any of my costumes.
Do you take on cosplay commissions?
No. Because of copyright laws we are not allowed to re-create a character for money. I only do fursuit commisions of peoples own fursonas/characters or small furry accessories for costumes like ears or tails.
I want to commission a fursuit. Where is your prices?
This website is a cosplay site where I show my personal costumes, you won’t find a pricelist here. You need to visit my fursuit business website instead http://mcreativecorner.com
Can you tell me how you made ____ costume?
I can’t break down the entire, exact construction process for my costumes, but I show as much as possible in my videos I can answer specific questions such as “Where did you purchase your fake fur” or “How did you create scales on Toothless?”
Can you show me how to make fursuits?
That’s what I’m here for! I have a collection of tutorial videos on YouTube and you can of course follow all of our crafting progress on our Social Media channels like Facebook or Patreon.
Can you come to my favorite convention?
With the income I have now I can only afford to go to conventions within Denmark.